Light Your Life With Peace

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! As we finish the Light the World calendar, I invite you to join me next year as we focus on our own light. I call it “Light Your Life With Peace.”

As I have been studying my scriptures, I have a felt the spirit whisper to focus on Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace. Inspired by the church’s 2017 for Easter Called “Prince of Peace” I am building on that framework and focusing on 12 principles of peace to help us individually fill our oil lamps with God’s peace.

I have created a PDF notebook for you as we study the 12 principles of faith. Each month we will focus on a new principle. I will post monthly a few thoughts about that principle, but the real revelation will come to each of us personally as we “search, ponder and pray” about what we are studying. The Lord has so much to give us in wisdom, strength, knowledge and more as he prepares our hearts to help gather his children safely home and that starts with strengthening ourselves.

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The Christmas Story Told By 100 Children from Around the World from the Bible.

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