Welcome to Brightly Street

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I am so excited to have you visit us here at Brightly Street.  My name is Melia.  It is actually part of a very long Hawaiian middle name “Puameliaaala” which means the fragrant plumeria flower.  You might have seen the plumeria flower while visiting Hawaii.  They are found all over the island and have such a sweet fragrance.  While visiting Hawaii, I took a picture of two “Melia” flowers that capture the true meaning of my name.

In the Hawaiian culture, the Hawaiians believe that names are very important and that one becomes the meaning of their name.  Over the years, I wondered why I was named after a flower.  I know my mom said that when I was born, I was wrapped up like a flower just about to blossom, but that didn’t tell me much about me becoming my name.

While visiting my sister just this past year, we were talking about the different meanings of Hawaiian names and I had mentioned how I didn’t know why I had the name that I was given.  What she told me in reply really has changed the whole meaning behind my name and has helped me be connected to it.

She said that she thought that I was exactly like a flower.  In her explanation, she mentioned how just as a flower blooms that my talents and the things I do blossom too!  Oh, how grateful I am for sisters!!  That made my day and that is what I try to do here on Brightly Street.  My whole purpose and goal for this website is to share some of my talents and help not only my own family but families throughout the world find “bright ideas to strengthen your home and family.”

Note:  Behind the Name

Our website’s name “Brightly Street” comes from the street I grew up in California.  When my husband and I were brainstorming ideas for our website name, we wanted it to be a place where we could share the diverse hobbies and interests that we have, he suggested “Brightly Street.”  It was brilliant and I loved it right away.

We hope that we can help brighten up your day as we share some thoughts and ideas with you on Brightly Street!

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You can contact me anytime by email at: mrioslazo@yahoo.com