12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 “Cross Multiplication Puzzle”

Today, I went to my children’s elementary school and signed a withdrawal form so that I can home school my kids.  That was a little nerve-raking.  I really am excited, but extremely nervous as well.  I could feel the weight of my kids’ education shift to my shoulders.  Tomorrow will be their last day in the public school.  To celebrate this new step in our lives, I thought I’d give away a part of a Multiplication Packet that I designed for my 5th grader to strengthen his multiplication facts.  I also have it available in my Etsy Store.  Purchase it today for just $1.99 for the entire packet of over 45 pages of great games, tests and more.  Check it at on my Etsy Shop.  You can read more about how the packet was developed on my blog post titled “Bubblegum Multiplication Packet Gr. 3-5.”  

Here’s your freebie!  Click on the image below to download it.  Enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas Freebies Day 7