12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 “Letter to Jesus”

At church I teach the 4 year old kids.  I love to teach children and see Brightly Street Christmas Picture
how excited they get when they learn something new or can share with you what they know.  On Sunday, the lesson was on the Birth of Jesus Christ.  I talked about the Savior’s birth found in Luke II.  I brought my manger that I used to photograph “The Nativity” scene of my own kids two years ago.  I explained to the children that on Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and thus it is like as if we are celebrating a Birthday.  I brought a wrapped up gift box and placed it in the front of the class.  The kids were dying to know what was inside.  

I asked them a simple question. “How would you feel at your own birthday party if no gifts were brought for you?”  That’s kind of like Christmas.  We busily prepare, plan, make lists and shop for all our loved ones, but do we ever stop to think of the one that loves us the most?  He loved us so much that he suffered and died for us because of that love.  Can we add “Jesus” to our gift giving list?  What would you give to Him for his very special birthday?  Would the King of Kings want an IPAD?  No, Christ has no need for electronics, he is all-knowing and doesn’t need the help of Google to find information.  He is the source of all truth.  What about a puppy?  My son says that’s what he really wants for Christmas.  As Creator of the universe, He created all the animals.  So, what could we give Him?  How about our hearts?  Really that’s it!  We can follow in Christ’s footsteps and try to be more like him and serve his children on earth.  

As we have fun building snowmen, singing Christmas carols, anticipating all that Santa represents, let’s take a moment and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Here is a fun way to have you and your family focus on the Savior.  Let’s write a “Letter to Jesus.”  We have all written letters to Santa, but how many of us have actually written a letter to Jesus.  Here’s some fun letter size stationary ready for you to fill in with what you want to give to the Savior.  Could we be a little nicer to our spouse, siblings, children or neighbors?  Help serve each other a little more?  Share a meal with someone in need or deliver goodies to a neighbor?  Gather the family together, read Luke 2 found in the New Testament and write about what you will give Jesus this Christmas.  There are two forms.  One form has just lines to fill in and the other one has a box where the smaller children can color a picture of what they will give to Jesus.  Don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom!  There is also a sheet with 4 smaller sized letters on a page.

Here’s the freebie for today! Click on the image below to download it.

12 Days of Christmas Freebies Day 8 Letter to Jesus