50’s Retro Diner Party Ideas

My sisters and I put together a 50's Diner birthday party for my parents who were both turning 70 in the summer.  It was fun creating some unique designs for the party and I thought you might like them too.  You can find them in our Etsy Shop by clicking the images below.  This would work for any type of party: Birthday, Anniversary, Work, School, etc.  All of the pieces below are customized to fit your party.  After your purchase, please email us at melia@brightlystreet.com with all of your text details.  

50s Retro Diner Style Invitations and Party Ideas

I printed a Menu for the table center piece, laminated and cut two small wood pieces, painted them black and attached them to the menu with hot glue.  I put a mason jar and filled it with rocks to represent the "rock" in rock and roll.  I used a bamboo stick and attached a construction paper fan with the Happy Birthday tag from above.  Next, I cut out some wood dice and placed them on the table to be the "roll" in rock and roll.  We bought the white and red checkered piece from Walmart and cut them into squares to be the base of our centerpieces.  

I thought a hamburger cake would be a fun way to celebrate the whole 50's style diner party.  I made two circle yellow cakes.  The burger was made from a brownie recipe.  The ketchup, mustard and lettuce was just frosting mixed with food coloring.  I sprayed the top of the hamburger cake with water and sprinkled sesame seeds on top.  The cake was easy to make and everyone thought it looked great.  It even tasted pretty good!

50s Retro Diner Party hamburger cake

All of the food tags were cut using a cutter on top and then it was folded in half making the top of the arrow "pop" out.  We hope you have a "Rock'n" Party!!

50s Retro Diner Party Ideas

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