6 Months of General Conference April 2016

What a blessing it was to listen to General Conference this past weekend.  I thought it would be a great idea to study the Conference talks each Sunday between now and the next Conference in October.  I created a schedule for my family to start studying the Conference talks starting this Sunday.  You will find a 6 Month calendar with the name of the leaders that you can study that Sunday.  Once the month is finished and all the talks are read just check the box on the bottom of each month.  Here’s a link to a list of all the talks for the April Conference 2016. (The calendar doesn’t include General Women’s Session or Priesthood Session.)

We hope this will be a great opportunity to gather your family around and either take turns reading the Conference talk or watching it online.  I know that as we ponder the words of the prophet, apostles and other leaders that we will be uplifted and find answers to our daily problems.

I was so excited to hear my most favorite song, sung during General Conference.  As you print out the Conference schedule below, listen to the beautiful voices and read about the experience of one of the choir members while he was singing this song.

Click on the image below to download the pdf file in both color and black & white.  Enjoy and please Pin and Share this post!

6 Months of General Conference 001 (Sheet 1)

Here are a few tips for you to squeeze in some time to read, listen and study again General Conference from April 2016:

1.  Listen to it while you Clean: I detest cleaning especially the kitchen because I know in a few hours it will look like it did before I started cleaning it.  With 5 children and a husband, it is difficult to keep it clean.  I love to listen to past General Conferences on the Mormon Channel on my ipad.  I plug it into my computer speakers that I have on top of my kitchen cabinets and it gives me some “surround” sound to listen to the talks.  As I listen and feel the spirit it seems that I forget that I am even cleaning.  That’s a win-win in my book!

2.  Listen or read it while exercising.

3.  Waiting for an appointment or riding the school bus?  Listen or read the talks while you wait.

4.  Listen while you are driving to work or to and from school pick ups.

5.  Save a portion of Family Home Evening to study the talk for the week.

6.  Listen to it over Sunday morning breakfast as a family.

How do you make time to re-read the talks from General Conference?  Please comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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