Articles of Faith – A Complete Program to Help Memorize the Articles of Faith

When I was younger the Articles of Faith were a huge part of Primary.  On a Stake level, we had a Super Star fireside once a year that recognized all those that memorized all 13 Articles of Faith.  I remember that it was a big focus and all of my friends memorized all 13 and I still remember them today.  It has been a blessing to me to know the basic truths of the gospel.  

There is a pretty amazing story about a man named Sharman Hummel that once worked with President Monson in the printing business.  Here is what Sharman said about how he joined the church.

“We lived in the East. I was journeying by bus to San Francisco. In Salt Lake City a young girl entered the bus—a Primary girl—who sat next to me. She was going to Reno, Nevada, for a visit with her aunt. As we journeyed westward, I noticed a billboard: ‘Visit the Mormon Sunday School this week.’

“I said to the little girl, ‘I guess there are a lot of Mormons in Utah, aren’t there?’

“She replied, ‘Yes, sir.’

“Then I said to her, ‘Are you a Mormon?’

“Again her reply: ‘Yes, sir.’”

Sharman Hummel then asked, “What do Mormons believe?” And that little girl recited the first article of faith; then she talked about it. Continuing, she gave him the second article of faith and talked about it. Then she gave him the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and all of the Articles of Faith and talked about all of them.

Sharman Hummel said, “I was profoundly impressed. When I arrived in San Francisco, the very first thing I did was to look through the yellow pages for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I called the mission president, and he sent two missionaries to where I was staying. I became a member of the Church, my wife became a member, all of our children became members.”

The entire Hummel family remained active in the Church. Each of the daughters has been to the temple. Countless are those who have been brought to a knowledge of the gospel by the members of this family—all because a young child had been taught the Articles of Faith and had the ability and the courage to proclaim the truth. (All Because a Child Knew the Articles of Faith)

How amazing is that?  What they do not know, they can not share.  Let's help our children, ourselves and our primary classes learn the gospel truth through the 13 Articles of Faith.  I have broken them down into worksheets to help you teach your kids.  I have a new game for each week that I will post as well so make sure you Subscribe to our website so you can find out what they are.

If you are looking for ways to help your children or Primary organization memorize the Articles of Faith this coming year, check out the hours and hours of sketching, creating and design that I have created for you.  I am so excited to get my kids on board and help them memorize the Articles of Faith.  We will also be implementing them in our Ward Primary.  You can purchase each worksheet set for all 13 Articles of Faith below or skip to the next session and purchase them by Articles of Faith numbers.  These would also be great to use during Achievement Days or Cub Scouts.  We just started this Fall with having a Faith in God devoted pack meeting on the 5th Wednesday.  I'll post some ideas that I have done for this activity soon.


Etsy Articles of Faith PostersEtsy Articles of Faith Coloring Page

Etsy Articles of Faith Trace and DrawEtsy Articles of Faith Fill in the Blank

Etsy Articles of Faith 1 Letter Words













If your child or Primary class already knows a few Articles of Faith, then feel free to purchase them individually.  They include 4 worksheets, a poster and flash cards for just $1.99 each!  Here's a snapshot of what they look like.  Click on the image to purchase the kit.

Etsy Articles of Faith 1 Articles of Faith 2 Etsy Articles of Faith 3Etsy Articles of Faith 4Etsy Articles of Faith 5Etsy Articles of Faith 6Etsy Articles of Faith 7Etsy Articles of Faith 8Etsy Articles of Faith 9Etsy Articles of Faith 10Etsy Articles of Faith 11Etsy Articles of Faith 12Etsy Articles of Faith 13
























Now that we have started memorizing the Article of Faith, we need to keep track of our progress.  Here are two ideas to help your child or Primary class see their progression.  The ice cream idea was inspired by my own Primary teachers years ago.  

Ice Cream Scoop Directions: There are two ways you can use the Ice Cream Scoops.  One print out the Black and White Scoops.  There are 4 kids to a page.  First, write the child's name on the scoop.  Then, each time they memorize the coordinating Article of Faith number have them color it in.  This is a great visual way to see how the children are doing.  When they finish all of the Articles of Faith, you can cut the strips up, glue onto black card stock and give it to the child.  You can also print out the colored scoops and have the child glue them on to the right scoop when finished.  I thought two options would be good in case you need to conserve ink!

Bubblegum Directions:  Copy 1 Bubblegum Machine Page per child.  Cut out the bubblegum's with coordinating Articles of Faith numbers.  Every time an Article of Faith is memorized have the child cut out the number and glue it in their machine or pre-cut all the gumballs.

Etsy Articles of Faith Charts

Primary Teacher Idea: In our ward, we will be giving the teachers all of the worksheets and charts to help in their class.  Each month, the teacher will pick an Article of Faith to work on for the entire month.  Next, they will pick one of the 4 worksheets to work on each Sunday, a different one each time.  I created the worksheets to be done in order as follows, but you can pick and choose how you want to use them:

1st Sunday:  Coloring Page

2nd Sunday:  Trace and Draw

3rd Sunday:  Fill in the Blank

4th Sunday:  One Letter Words

If there happens to be a 5th Sunday you can use this FREE Articles of Faith Origami to review all of the Articles of Faith.  Just click on the image below, print, cut around outer edges and teach your kids how to fold them.  They can play together or on their own.

Articles of Faith Origami Review

Here is a sneak peak at one of the games that we will be doing during Sunday or family home evening… good 'ole Musical Chairs.  Just print out and tape to the back rest of the chair.  Turn on the Article of Faith song that coordinates with the one you are practicing.  Have the children sing the song and play the game!  You can grab it from my Etsy Shop below.

Articles of Faith Musical Chair Signs

There are also Mini Posters for the kids to take home and Flash Cards as well.  Check them out!!

Etsy Articles of Faith Mini Poster Size

Etsy Articles of Faith Flash Cards

We hope these ideas help strengthen your home and ward family!  Please leave us a reply on how they have helped your class or home.  Enjoy!