Bubblegum Multiplication Facts Packet Grades 3-5

I have been pondering for sometime now about whether to Multiplication Facts Packet Grades 3-5homeschool my kids or not.  As I came to a decision, all kinds of ideas came to me about how and what I should teach my children.  This kit was inspired by my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Grant.  Over 25 years ago!  Wow, time flies.  She was an inpiration and I really enjoyed my school year in her classroom.  Here's a scrapbook page that I did years ago before the digital world.  You can see I was quite comfortable in the teachers desk and in front with the chalkboard.  I always did want to be a teacher when I was younger.  That's my awesome teacher as the Good Witch or princess, that was just too long ago to remember.  I am so grateful for my amazing mom that took these pictures so that I could remember my great childhood.  I hope to be just as good of a teacher to my children.  The multiplication packet once you purchase it has an original test that I took in this classroom years ago!  It inspired the whole math packet and I hope it helps my kids memorize their multiplication facts.  One of the most frequent question my son likes to ask while he is working on his homework is, "What does 8×7=?," etc.  Hopefully, we can nail these down with the help of this packet.  This would be great for homeschool, public classroom or just some extra help after school for the kids to strengthen their math facts.  

Happy Learning!


Brightly Street Multiplication Facts Packet

Multiplication Facts Packet $5.00

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