Christmas Advent Calendar Twists #LIGHTtheWORLD

Did you grab our Christmas Advent Calendar?  It is starting to pop up all over the place!  I saw someone’s Instagram photo of it last night on  It is fun to see people take a different approach and modifying it to fit their family or individual needs.  I thought I would share a few of those with you here.


First, if you already have an advent calendar but still want to incorporate the digital technology of the QR codes that have all the scriptures, videos, songs and activities that we shared online, then this first option might be a great fit.  Or maybe you just found out about our calendar and don’t have time to put it all together?

Well, here is a quick option that one of our readers decided to do.  She just added the daily code to the backside of’s Christmas advent calendar.  Such a smart idea.  I remember having a felt Christmas advent calendar as a kid similar to the one pictured below.  This brought back great memories!  Thanks Allison for sharing!


Need an idea for a COLLEGE STUDENT?  This one just came up on my Facebook Page today.  If you haven’t “LIKED” us, stop by our Facebook Page today!  Here is what this college student said, 

“Attention college kids: I made my own version of the Christmas Advent Calendar! I sticky tacked the cards to my closet, and under each card, I hid a post-it note with my treat for the day written on it. I gave it a college twist, though, and my prizes are things like “vending machine snacks” and “snowman making time”. Hope I inspired you to #lighttheworld from your college dorm room this Christmas season.”

Here is what her dorm room door looks like.  Thanks Kaila for sharing your awesome idea.  We can’t wait to hear what is under all of the other days!

Here’s a screenshot of what was shared on  Do you see it?  Bottom left corner?  If you haven’t put yours together, go to Step 1 of our Advent Calendar.

We will continue to post more ideas as we see them pop up around the cyber world!  Let’s #LIGHTtheWORLD today!