Cranial Technologies and The Wrap Shoppe

When my son was only 2 months old, my sister pointed out that his head wasn't exactly assymetrical.  One part of his head stuck out more than the other side.  I am not sure how I didn't notice it, but probably since I see him all the time I just didn't noticed the slow growth of his head.  He has such a sweet spirit and adorable smile that I never paid much attention to his "noggin."  During my son's routine check up with the doctor, I was recommended to a company called Cranial Technologies and the idea of a possible DOC Band for my son began.  After some images, consult and measurements were taken, a DOC band was recommended and created for him.  What is a DOC band?  Well, my son has a severe case of what is known as Plagiocephaly and Scaphocephaly.  (It took me nearly two months to figure out how to say that.) The purpose of the band is to guide the growth of the head and help reshape it.  After listening to the tech teach us about how to care and use the band which included a 23 hours a day use and 1 hour to clean the band and baby's bath, we were sent home with our little football player.  I was more concerned about it then the baby was it seems since he didn't even fuss about it at all.  The experience so far has given me a little bit more of an understanding of parents who have children that have outward disabilities.  He often has people in public take a double look while in the store or while we are out-and-about.  I chalk it up to those irresistable dimples and joyful smile!

As I began to research the DOC bands and saw that you could add a design to it, I stumbled upon an article about The Wrap Shoppe.  They are awesome.  They can make any design either you come up with or that they can design for free.  It has inspired me to offer free portrait sessions for any child wearing these DOC bands and a free portrait gift.  I think it is such a great service to the community and families.  What a way to use your talents, Wrap Shoppe.  You ROCK!  Thanks for my son's cool "Fix'in my noggin Dude" design.  Here's a before and after.

Cranial Tech image
Here's a newsclip about the DOC band and The Wrap Shoppe.