Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet Travel Theme

We just finished a fantastic Blue and Gold Banquet for the cub scouts to help celebrate the scouts birthday.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are just a handful of the ideas we used to make it a fun filled night for the whole family.  Let's start with the decor.  Our theme was called Passports to Other Lands.  I designed some fun printables that incorporated the theme with planes, passports, games and more.  The coloring pages were definitely a HUGE hit with the kids.  We kept the table decor simple, dollar tablecloths, crayons in the middle with these color pages in front of the chairs.  The scouts helped make airplanes that they folded and put in the center of the table for a center piece.  Simple, easy and it helped the little ones stay entertained.

To save ink and our budget, we decided to print these passports in black and white.  I redesigned them a bit so they could become a coloring page as well.  The passports were given to the scouts and any siblings 10 and under at the "Flight Check-in" table.  They were also given two tickets to shop at the Tijuana Market!  Since it was a world traveling theme, we thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate a market for the kids.  They loved it!  The passports were used for the shop owners to stamp their passports once they "purchased" two things from the shop.  They then used their passport to pick up more stamps when they played a couple games from around the world.

Here is the passports as a coloring page.  Scroll to the bottom to see them in full color!

We had our amazing Cub Scout Master dress up like a Pilot.  He was awesome.  He stood in the front of the room so we decorated a table behind him.  This is were the scouts also did their skits for the evening.  We just used some luggage, globes and fun banner that you can pick up from our Etsy Shop.  Just print the letters on white card stock, cut them out and attach to a string with wooden clothes pins.  We attached it to a rolling chalkboard with push pins.

We did a really fun game where we gathered pictures from the scout families of a place they traveled together on vacation.  We showed each picture on a projector and asked if they could guess what state or country the picture was taken in.  We had all the continents on the board and then slips of paper with the states and countries that they could choose from.  They matched the country or state under the right continent.  The idea was for the kids to realize how much of the world they have yet to explore!  It was fun to see the different places that everyone had been too.  Can you guess were these four pictures are from that my family went too?  Comment below or on this picture on our Facebook Page.  Get the answers right and we will send you a FREE "How many Clouds are in the Jar" printable for you to use at your next travel party!  Just fill a jar with cotton balls and have your friends guess how many "clouds" there are!

Our Cub Committee Chair Extraordinaire made these adorable transportation candies.  There were planes, trains, trucks and cars.  So fun.  This was their take home gift with a sign called "Baggage Claim" attached.  We just put them in a suitcase and added them as decorations as well.  Another hit with the scouts!

We will be posting a video with all the other fantastic pieces to pull off your own Blue and Gold Banquet.  We did the hard work for you, just purchase the kit from our shop, print, assemble and you are ready to go!  

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Do you have a different theme in mind?  Let us know we love doing custom orders too.  Here are 5 other themes that you can grab from our shop too!  

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