Day 19: Attach a Picture

Do you like me, have boxes of pictures tucked away in your closet?  Pull them out and start attaching them to your family tree.  Remember to just attach pictures to those that have passed away or make sure you ask the person before you post any pictures online since they will be available to the public.  You can scan the pictures to your computer and upload them.  If you don't have a scanner, you can take a picture of the picture on your phone and post it to FamilySearch.  If you just don't have time and you have an ipad or iphone, then just use the Memory app!  Here's a video of me explaining how to do it.  The video isn't the best, a little hard while holding the ipad and camera in the other hand, but at least you should get an idea of how to use it so you can start attaching pictures today!

Here's a great article about how to use the Memory App as well.

A sweet video about "What is an ancestor?"