Day 23: Find a Cemetery

It was a miracle that I moved from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania over 9 years ago.  When we decided to move to the east coast, we didn't know anyone in that area.  We built a home in a town called North Coventry in the borough of Pottstown.  After just a couple years of living in Pottstown, I heard a talk about family history.  I immediately went to the computer and I logged into  After spending hours browsing my family tree, I saw that my family came from the east coast in the early 1800s.  I continued to trace a line that led me to Pennsylvania.  I really became excited then.  To my amazement, I saw a last name with Potts and I began to wonder if they could possibly be related to the Potts that originally settled the area in the 1700s.  I quickly realized the answer!  Yes, I was related to these people!  From that moment on, the heavens opened and so many blessings were poured out.  We use to love going to the local cemeteries on Sundays as a family and looking for any Potts relatives.  They were everywhere.  What a blessing.  Here's a page from my scrapbook of our family on one of our cemetery adventures.

Rios-Lazo Family History #templechallenge
Today's daily challenge is to find a cemetery either locally or online. and are great places to start.  Billion Graves will actually give you the exact GPS coordinates of the tombstone.  I tend to find about half of my ancestors on one of those two websites.