Day 5: Edit It!

Today, go to FamilySearch and find an ancestor on your family tree that was born in the late 1800's.  Find any records about their life and attach it.  Next, verify that the information on family tree matches your records.  If you find any errors on your tree, edit it!  Not sure how to do that?  Here's a great resource.  Make sure that there are not any missing children or others that might of lived in the home during the census.  Add any missing information.  Did they only have one or two children?  Most families had multiple children in the 1800s early 1900s so check all census reports that you can find.  Remember, the US 1890 census was destroyed.  A very sad part of history.  Do you want to know why?  Check it out here.  It is so sad to think of all the millions of names lost in history.  Let's help our ancestors not to be forgotten.  Go find them!

Ever heard of the Granite Mountain Records Vault?  Well, this is where FamilySearch keeps all of their records so that what happened to the 1890s census doesn't repeat itself.  This is one of my favorite videos.  I always love to learn about the behind the scenes.  I shared this video with my father and he said he went inside there when he was serving a mission when it was first built.  So, cool!  I wish I could go for a visit!  Stop by tomorrow for Part 2.