Easter Envelopes by Heidi Swapp #hallelujah

Thank you, Heidi, for this beautiful design and reminder of why we celebrate Easter.  Here’s how Heidi describes her design.

Growing up in Utah, I have always equated the miracle of spring, with the metaphor of the Savior that is reflected in the celebration of Easter. It’s amazing to watch the frozen ground transform into fresh green grass! As I contemplated how I could bring more meaning to Easter in my family, I realized that there is so much more to EASTER than just “new life”. In fact, as I tried to choose one favorite Easter scripture, or message or quote… I realized that in order to capture the message of Easter, we have to zoom way out. I wanted to reach my teenage children, and also adult friends and family with this project… I wanted it to be beautiful and sophisticated, was well as poignant and simple.


The promise of a Savior was given to our very first parents. That very promise, of hope and triumph over evil has been extended across all generations to us! To me and to you. How could I capture this vast truth that is for the whole world, and place it in a little message just for you, and just for me. I thought of a “Matryoshka” or Russian nesting dolls, that intrigued me so much when I was little. Each doll, being a reflection of the last, but smaller and smaller (and cuter). I just loved opening them! I wanted to create that feeling with envelopes; one each representing the message and the miracle that together tell the whole story of Easter. With some study and pondering, I decided to create 5 envelopes that would get progressively smaller, and tuck one inside the next, allowing the reader time to allow the story to unfold. By taking a moment to look up the scripture references, those words will do their job teaching.


I chose to use a brush and ink to create the messages on each envelope… I created digital art from my hand lettering, and designed 5 PDF printable templates.

1.“foretold from the beginning” : this was always the plan. God knew it, Jesus knew it. Many waited, and had faith in this promise from a loving Heavenly Father.

2. “betrayed, crucified”: these are the images that we mourn. This is the unthinkable and unfathomable truth of how an innocent man was tortured. He could have stopped it. But he never would “Father, forgive them”.

3. “in Christ shall all be made alive” : the best part. He lives.

4. “He is Risen, Promise of Peace”: This promise is that which makes up for our weaknesses and our short comings. Not just our sin, but also our sadness.

5. “believe” our part… is to believe.

And inside, at the end of the envelopes… is the message that I wish we all knew, without any doubt: “He did it for you” In a world with so few things we can count on, and surrounded with tragedy we can’t explain or prevent… there is an answer; there is a way. This is I know for sure. Jesus is real. He is everything He has always said He is. He Lives. Have a most blessed Easter.



1. print all 5 envelope templates (I recommend a nice heavy weight paper) note: I printed them with a laser printer and used my Minc foil application machine to add DIY toner reactive foil…cause that’s my jam. But you can also choose to download the file that is labeled “gold”, which already has the gold vibe printed on the PDF)

2. trim out all of the envelopes along the solid line using scissors

3. use a scoring tool and a straight edge to score along all the dotted lines

4. fold the side flaps in, and adhere the bottom flap up over the sides

5. tuck the final message “he did it for you” inside the 5th envelope and place a small piece of washi tape to hold the flap closed, but still easy to open.

6. Place each envelope in the next, closing each flap with washi tape.

7. Read the scripture references as you open each envelope and discuss with your family or class.

Click on the image below to download the pdf file. Thanks Heidi for your design!


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