Easter Sunday Church Quiet Books and Wall Artwork #hallelujah

Thank you for joining us on our Easter Egg Hunt!  We hope you were able to use many of the amazing ideas and printables that were posted by some of internet’s most talented bloggers and designers.  We are also grateful for SugarDoodle and Mormon.org for putting this campaign together for our readers.  I hope you sense the importance of Easter.  As our thoughts turn to Christ during this holiday season, may we all strive to be more Christ-like in our actions, thoughts, words and deeds.  The world has need of more goodness and kindness to counter all the negativity that is running rampant in our day. 

To close out this year’s egg hunt, I thought I’d share a few more free gifts with you!  As I was pondering on what might be of worth to my readers and my own family, the phrase “Because He lives, I can…” kept popping into my mind.  I finally had a few minutes while waiting at the park for a play date, I sketched out some thoughts.  I designed a Sunday Easter morning booklet for you to print out.  Just add your own pictures and slip into your church bag no matter where you worship on Easter morning.  This is a great little book to use every Sunday to keep those little people’s hands, which sometimes love to wiggle during church service, quiet and their minds focused on Christ.  The purpose for designing this booklet is to help children understand that because of Jesus Christ, we can be happy, live again, pray in faith and enjoy many other blessings.  All of these blessings are possible because of Christ’s atonement and resurrection.

#hallelujah Easter Campaign church quiet book printable BrightlyStreet.com sample pages

(All artwork drawn by Melia except the awesome sketch of Jesus which was created by Sarah from Educlips.)

Here are instructions for making the booklet. I printed out the pages on white card stock and trimmed them leaving a 1/4 inch white boarder.  I wanted the pages to fold down without bending the pages so I cut out about a 3/4 inch strip of white card stock to act as my binding part of the booklet.  I put the Easter page and strip of paper between my laminating sheets and then ran it through my laminating machine.  I trimmed the excess off and punched two holes using a small rectangle hole punch. Grab two brads and attach all 9 pages together.  Make sure you add the different pictures needed to complete your booklet before you laminate it as well.  Make sure you outline your child’s foot on the page that says, “I can follow His footsteps,” and include it in the booklet.  The page is only half a sheet so if your child’s foot is larger just have them draw a picture of their foot or maybe just trace the top portion where their tiny toes are.  I glued on the family and child’s picture with a glue stick before I laminated it.  I added a few ideas from past posts.  Feel free to reference them when teaching your children about the different pages: Prayer and Plan of Happiness

Click on the image to download the quiet book.

#hallelujah Easter Campaign church quiet book printable BrightlyStreet.com sample

I also wanted to reach out to the adults and see what their feelings are regarding Christ.  I posted on Facebook about the phrase “Because He lives, I can…” and there were so many great replies.  I decided to design a printable wall artwork of the many fantastic and inspired comments about the many things we can do because of the Savior.  Here’s what the finished artwork looks like.  There are 4 different color choices for you to choose from.  They are sized as an 8×10 which you can print at home or send to a printing service.  Once you have printed the artwork, you can display it in your home and/or give one away as an Easter gift.

Click on the image below to download the printables.

#hallelujah Easter Campaign Signs printable BrightlyStreet.com sample

We hope you have a moment from the busyness of life this Easter season to reflect on how much God loves you and how much He wants you to be happy today even when sometimes we feel as if we are in the pit of despair.  He can heal all wounds and lift our souls.  May we find peace and joy in knowing that there is One who loves enough to be willing to suffer and die for us.  What will you do with this gift of life?  Share your answer with the world on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social networks using the hashtag #hallelujah.

Thanks for all the fantastic designers that made it possible for you to enjoy this Easter Egg Hunt.  Now, that you have made it to the end, here are links back to all of the designers featured blog posts in case you need to review or download their amazing content.  Pin this page as a reference to all there fantastic ideas.

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