Easter Week Activity Advent by Sugar Bee Crafts #hallelujah

February 27, 2016

Here is a great Easter Advent calendar created by Sugar Bee Crafts.  Follow along as this awesome designers explains how to put it together.

Sugar Bees Easter Eggs #hallelujah
This is an advent (because my kiddos LOVE advents and opening something each day in anticipation) of activities to do the week leading up to Easter. Everything you’ll need in way of cute printables and outlined activities has already been prepared it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Sugar Bee Easter #hallelujah
Your biggest preparation will be putting together the eggs. I used sticker numbers, but a sharpie marker will work just as well. You will need 8 eggs, numbered 1­8. You will open them in reverse order, starting with egg #8. We simply used a stick from our yard and tied the eggs to it with twine. Most plastic eggs have holes in the top ­ I used a large needle to get the twine threaded through those holes.

Sugar Bee Easter #hallelujah 4
Activities range from journaling as a family to watching an online video to baking treats and delivering them to a neighbor. It is focused on learning more about Jesus and His teachings and the events that led up to Easter Sunday. You can find all the materials in the FREE printables EASTER WEEK ACTIVITIES ADVENT found HERE. Simply print out the advent, cut the strips apart, fold them up and put them in the coordinating numbered eggs. There are also cute quote printables, journaling pages, and more. PS, for the treat activity, you can find detailed instructions as a printable, and then photo step-­by-­steps.

Sugar Bee Easter #hallelujah 3
I hope you look forward to this coming Easter Week as much as my family and I are ­ I can’t wait!! I know that we will be able to more fully understand Easter and gain a deeper love for it and Christ as we do.

As we go through our activities, I will be sharing our successes (and maybe not ­so- successes) on my social media channels and using the hashtag #Hallelujah where you can follow along with others as well.  Thanks Sugar Bee Crafts for this great family activity!

  Sugar Bee Easter #hallelujah 5

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ATTENTION: If you just stumbled upon this page, please watch the short video below and find out how you can grab tons of more fun ideas like the one above. To help jump start you on your way to 7 fabulous designs and freebies, here’s the answer to Clue #1: How to Turn an Entertainment Center into a Play Kitchen.  Just scroll through the post and click on the Easter egg for your first freebie!!

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Easter ideas for kids freebies #hallelujah

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