Family History: Family Home Evening Lesson 2

The Family History Lesson #2 is about the stories of your ancestors.  I thought it would be fun to talk about our ancestors and how they are Super Heroes because they truly are.  They sacrificed so much so that we could be blessed to live in this time.  I invited my parents over to share with my kids a few stories about their ancestors.  I taught my kids how to use the new FamilySearch – Memories app that you can download for free from the App Store.  It is super easy to use and my kids were able to audio record their grandparents telling stories about their ancestors and then attaching them to their family tree.  Super cool!  More info on that awesome app soon.

For this weeks lesson, I created a couple worksheets to add to your child's binder.  The first one is a sheet for a boy ancestor and a girl ancestor.  In the super hero bubbles, have your child either write a couple words describing a story about an ancestor of their chose.  If they cannot write yet, have them draw a picture in each bubble.  This is their brainstorming session.  The next worksheet has 9 boxes where they can retell the story of their ancestor in their own words and sketch a comic strip story.  The final page is just some fun clip art pieces that they can cut-out, color or write on.  They can then glue them into their comic strip if they would like too. 

Click on the image below to download the free worksheets.

Brightly Street Family History FHE lesson 2 sample