Family History: Family Home Evening Lesson 3

This is a great lesson to get out the dress up clothes and have some fun with your kids.  Tell them the stories of their ancestors and let them dress up and act it out!  Join the fun with your kids too and help strengthen not only their ties to their ancestors, but to you as well.  

Here's the link to this lesson from the site.  The last question that is found at the end of the lesson said, "What character traits did your ancestors have that you see in yourself or other family members?"  I thought it would be fun to focus our lesson on that question.  Here's a fun worksheet for your kids.  Print out one copy per child.  After hearing a couple stories about your ancestors, ask your child what character traits they thought their ancestor had.  Then talk about who in the family might have that similar characteristic.  This is a great lesson that helps the children "turn their hearts" to their ancestors as they see that they have inherited some of the same character traits.  It was fun to see what things they saw in each other as well.  The second sheet as the different character traits repeated a couple times since their may be more than one person in the family with that common trait.  There is also a few blank slips so that your child can add other traits as well.  Have your child cut them out and paste them onto the right person.  This lesson could branch out into many other lessons as you can touch on all the other traits and share how Christ and other prophets from the scripture also had these great qualities.  

Click on the image below to download the pdf file.  Enjoy!

Brightly Street FHE Family History Lesson #3 It's All About Character