Take the Quarter Challenge

Join the Queen Creek South Stake of Arizona as we "Take the Family History Quarter Challenge" and find our ancestors!   What is the Quarter Challenge?  Just like a "quarter" has two sides, so does family history work.  President Howard W. Hunter said, "those who engage in family history research and then perform the temple ordinance work…will know the additional joy of receiving both halves of the blessing."  (A Temple-Motivated People)  We want you to experience the complete blessings awaiting those that take part in both halves of temple and family history work.  To get you started, the Lord inspired us with the "Take the Quarter Challenge."  Each quarter there will be a family history challenge for you to learn how to find your ancestors and accomplish specific tasks during those 3 months.  These quarters are unique to this challenge.  On the front side of a regular quarter it says on the left side "Liberty" and on the right side "in God we trust."  These two sayings on the US quarter are vital pieces to family history work.  Without faith and trust in God we could not do this sacred work.  Also, we are "liberating" our ancestors from Spirit prison as we come to the rescue and help them go back to live with their families forever.  We have added the family outlines to the front of the coins and the temple to the backside to represent both halves of the blessings of temple and family history work.  

Now, let's find out how we can accomplish this challenge.  Here is what the year will look like…

1st Quarter Goal (January to March)
Challenge: Stories and Pictures

2nd Quarter Goal (April to June)
Challenge: Index Records

3rd Quarter Goal (July to September)
Challenge: Attach and Find Documents

4th Quarter Goal (October to December)
Challenge: Find a Family

Each quarter we will be posting videos on how to accomplish the "Quarter Challenge" and help you be successful in your family history research.  We have added a fun twist to this family history project.  As you can see in the picture below, there is a "Family History Temple Bank."  Download the temple bank tag below the flyer, print it on card-stock, laminate and attach it to a tin can.  Each time you complete one of the quarter challenges, add a quarter, dime, nickel or penny to your "Family History Temple Bank."  For example, each time you add a story or picture of someone, add a coin to your bank.  During Quarter 2, each time you index a record add another coin to the bank and so forth.  As you continue to "save" your ancestors and "coins" in your bank, we will discover how quickly we can help hasten the work of salvation through family history work.

At the end of the year there are two final challenges that we encourage you to participate in.  First, have you ever wondered what your great Aunt Sally or Great Great Grandfather Henry would want for Christmas?  Well, wonder no more.  Just like you and I would love to have our family together forever, so do our ancestors.  So, the first end-of-the-year challenge goes along with Quarter 4 "Find a Family" and take that family to the temple to have all their saving ordinance work done by Christmas Day.  You can wrap up the pink, blue and yellow temple cards and tuck them under the tree when you have finished their work!  Then Christmas morning you can share in the sweet feelings of knowing that you have been a "savior on Mount Zion" in rescuing your ancestors for Christmas!

Now for the final wrap up for this years challenge.  Remember the bank you just made?  Don't forget to drop a coin into the bank each time you add a story, index a record, attach a document or find a name.  At the end of the year, take the money you saved in your "Family History Temple Bank" and donate it to the "Temple Patron Assistance Fund".  Not only have you blessed your ancestors by redeeming the dead, but you now can bless the billions of "cousins" that you have around the world with the opportunity to go to the temple.  

What is the "Temple Patron Assistance Fund?"  In a nutshell it helps "provide financial assistance to those who otherwise could not afford the travel expenses associated with attending a temple and participating in the sacred blessings available only in the House of the Lord… Having the means to attend the temple—if only once in a lifetime—brings hope and joy to countless saints. Living prohibitive distances from the nearest temple need not prevent worthy members and families from receiving the eternal blessings of salvation that can be received only in the temple."

Now, Are You Ready to "TAKE THE QUARTER CHALLENGE?"  Invite your friends and family to join you as we fulfill our obligation to serve our brothers and sisters on both sides of the veil.  Here at Brightly Street we are committed to help you along the way to success!  Please comment with any questions or successes.

Click on the image below to download a pdf file of the flyer.

Stake Family History Challenge

Print the bank tags below by clicking on the image.

Family History Quarter Challenge bank tag