Frisbee Birthday

More than a half century ago, New England college students enjoyed pies from the Frisbie Pie Company.  And it wasn't long before tossing those empty pie pans became a fun and popular game.

At the same time, Fred Morrison invented the Pluto Platter for the Wham-O company.  Thrown like an empty Frisbie pie pan, students called them Platters Frisbies.  Wham-O founders Rich Knerr and Arthur Melin quickly obtained the marketing rights for the name college kids had nicknamed their product.  But they didn't spell it right, and the Pluto Platter became the Frisbee.  Inventor Morrison thought it was a terrible name, but now 87 years old and living in Carpinteria, California, he says it just goes to show that he is a bad judge of names.