General Conference Bowling Ball Game

September 30, 2016

I almost have enough games for each of the Conference speakers without having to repeat any!  Yahoo.  This has been years in the making and I hope you take advantage of all of the free printables and ideas here on Brightly Street.  We also have a few other games for Toddlers and Youth Journals for Conference too on our Etsy Shop.

Young Men Journal and Treats

General Conference Journal for Boys

Young Women Journal and Treats

General Conference YW Journals

General Conference Games for Kids

General Conference Games for Kids

General Conference Games for Toddlers

General Conference for Toddlers

Here is one more game for you!  I picked this bowling ball set at the Dollar Tree today!  Listen for the right words and try to knock down the correct pin.  Just print and number your pins with a sharpie!  That’s it.  We will see how this one goes tomorrow during Conference.  You can download it for free, but please “LIKE” our Facebook Page first!!

General Conference Game Bowling Ball

Thanks for taking a couple seconds to “LIKE” my Facebook Fan Page.  It is an an awesome way to say, “thanks!”  Enjoy!

General Conference Bowling Blast


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  1. DL Mellen

    Thank you so much for sharing your fun ideas. It takes away a lot of stress having to come up with things when one is not as creative. We will have fun and learn at the same time.


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