General Conference Cheetos Tags

Last year, I designed these Cheetos tags to attach to a bag of Cheetos as an invite to our Young Women to encourage them to listen to General Conference.  As I have been pondering on Conference and how to make it a very special time for our family, I thought about the great blessing it is to hear from a living prophet prophet.  I want my children to realize that it is just as important as any of the other holiday traditions that we have.  It might even be more important since we believe in living prophets that really speak for the Lord so it is our chance to hear what God would have us specifically know today.  Yeah, pretty important.  

Back to the young women, I felt like we did a lot of great ideas and handouts for the girls to get them inspired about not only Conference, but other activities and lessons throughout the year.  I thought how come I don’t do those same things for my kids?  So, tomorrow morning, the morning of the start of General Conference, I thought I’d leave these little Cheetos bags by their bed so when they wake up they see the invite and get a little surprise and reminder that today is the day!  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments below.

Do you want to try this with your family?  Just print, cut and attach the tags to small bags of Cheetos.

General Conference Cheetos Tag Invites