Countdown to Conference: Elder Richard G. Scott

I love Elder Scott.  When he speaks, it is like he is looking right into your soul.  Like all the other apostles, his testimony inspires me to become more like Jesus Christ.  Here is Elder Scott's bio and official church information.

My kids love to watch this video.  They have probably seen it a dozen times.

Another fact about Elder Scott that I just learned while studying his life this week is that he is a very talented painter.  

From "Forty years ago, Elder Richard G. Scott became fascinated with a friend's ability to use brushes, watercolor, and paper to create beauty. Something inside of him said, 'Try it,' but his more rational self responded, 'You've never had any artistic ability; all you will do is prove that you can't paint anything.' Fortunately, the desire to try persisted. He got a few books on watercolor from the library, bought an inexpensive set of paints and a brush, and on a sheet of ordinary paper tried to paint a tree, then other objects. Later lessons enhanced his understanding and helped him grow, until now, many years later, his experiences with painting have brought great personal satisfaction."

I love what he said above.  I feel the same way about creating anything whether from wood, pen & paper, fabric or whatever else my imagination can come up with.  There is a great "personal satisfaction" that comes as we create!  

The first part of this video is about Elder Scott's artwork.  Pretty awesome and inspiring for those budding artist like me!

 General Conference Elder ScottToday's fun activity is a "Spin-a-Color" game.  Print on card-stock the color palette and paint brush.  Cut and laminate both pieces.  Attach paintbrush to palette with a brad.  Spin the paintbrush and wherever it lands, ask the question the tip of the paintbrush is pointing too.  Cut out the different colors and use them to keep track of which questions you already answered.  You can play it by giving the person who got the right answer the color piece or attach it to the top of the question with a clear velcro so that when you answer the question correctly you can cover it up.  I'll post a sample of the finished "Spin-a-Color" in just a bit.  I hope you enjoy this inspired game from Elder Scott's creative ability to paint!

Here's a couple more links of some other great videos from Elder Scott.

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