General Conference Packet for Youth

We love General Conference in our home.  I just told my son today that Conference is in just two weeks and he was excited!  My oldest son is 13 now and I noticed that during the April Conference he wasn’t as into the fun activities that I put together to help my kids listen to conference like he was before.  (Check out all our Conference goodies for kids, all for free here.)

I decided to create some printables that would appeal to the youth such as my son.  Now that he is older he should start to learn how to take notes, set goals and increase his testimony.  I can’t remember who said it but I remember during a Conference talk that it was taught to us that we shouldn’t just take notes of what is being said, but what the spirit impresses upon our hearts and minds.  We can always go back and read or listen to Conference talks, but what is most important during General Conference is to listen to what the spirit teaches us which sometimes might not have anything to do with what is being taught at the moment.

I thought a journal of some sort would be a great way to get my son and other youth transitioning into really receiving inspiration and writing it down so that further revelation can be given.  President Henry B. Eyring said,

“When the Spirit is invited into a meeting by those in it, truth is communicated beyond what is said aloud. Write down impressions or thoughts that you feel came from God. And, remembering what we have said about building a foundation, think carefully about whether the truth you received requires action. It is by obedience to commandments that we qualify for further revelation of truth and light.” (A Life Founded in Light and Truth)

Elder Richard G. Scott also said,

“By recording your thoughts and impressions while studying your scriptures, you open new avenues of receiving personal revelation: A study journal [can] help you understand, clarify, and remember what you are learning… Knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need. Spiritually sensitive information should be kept in a sacred place that communicates to the Lord how you treasure it. This practice enhances the likelihood of your receiving further light.” (To Acquire Spiritual Guidance)

Although he was referring to scriptures, I believe it can be applied to General Conference as we listen to our living apostles and prophets.

Here is what is included in the journal packet:

1. Cover

2. Question and Answer Pages: Fill in questions before and ponder on any answers you received after Conference.  Here’s a Q&A sheet you can use as well for younger kids.

3. Fill in page for impressions, things to not forget and goals.  During each conference there are usually 30 speakers counting either the Priesthood or Women’s Session.  You can print 30 copies of this page.

4. 16 Speaker Dividers with a quote from each of the 15 Apostles and Prophets.

5.  My Testimony Page:  The last page is a place for the youth to add a line or two each Conference about a part of their testimony that grew because of Conference.  They can keep adding a sentence or two after the end of each Conference.

YW General Conference Packets
You can print these pages and put them into mini 5.5×8.5 3 ring binder like we our doing in our ward for our young women.  You can also print and hole punch one hole at the top and use a ring to hold them together.  The idea would be to print 30 fill in pages each Conference time and “file” them behind the right speaker.  This would create an awesome journal for the youth to reflect and help in times of need and strength.

I also thought it would be fun to help the youth sit and watch all 4 Conference sessions just like the younger kids do.  I came up with 4 treat tags, one to be eaten during each session of Conference along with a fun water bottle label that talks about “living water” with a fun quote and scripture.

I designed a bag tag and will be adding in a pencil and pen to go inside of a gift bag.  I hope it helps motivate the youth to listen, record and be inspired by Conference.

You can purchase the entire kit in our Etsy Shop by clicking on the image below.

YW General Conference Packet

I also designed a freebie for you!  This is just a little “Save the Date” card that you can drop off at the doors of your youth or leave on your teen’s pillow.  Just print and attach some “lifesavers” to it.  Click on the image below to receive the updated April 2017 printable!!

General Conference Save the Date Conference Treat

If you have Young Men in your home like me, here is a kit for them!  I don’t think they would appreciate all that pink!

General Conference Journal for Boys

Here’s another treat invite tag that we use with our kiddos.

General Conference Cheetos Tag Invites