Gilbert Arizona Temple Sparkles Testimony… “our King”

It was a very special privilege to be amongst some earthly angels last month as they shared their feelings about the Gilbert Arizona Temple Open House with me.  What a blessing to have had the opportunity to feel of their sweet spirits.  I will share with you in the coming weeks some extra interviews from the film "Temple Sparkles" that I created.  All the answers are in the child's own words so I had to get creative with some of the spelling based on what the child said.  I wanted to keep it true to their innocence and great knowledge of who God is and what His holy temples are for.  Here is an interview from one of our youngest "sparkles" as she shares her testimony with you…

Gilbert Arizona Temple TestimonyHow did you feel when you went to the temple?

A: "Happy!"

What did you see in the temple?

A: "I see'd all the things that God created."

Who is Jesus?

A: "Jesus Christ, our King."

What can you do to be like Jesus?"

A: "Choose the right."

What was your favorite room in the temple? 

A: "The one with pretty lights."