12 to 1 – Temple Count Down’s Begun! President Eyring’s Testimony

Day 11: Today, we have been at the ER at the Children’s Hospital for the past 5 hours.  Our 1 year old child was sick and our family doctor sent us to the ER to get some tests done and see if they could figure out what was wrong with the little guy.  After a long day at the ER, we returned home just before midnight.  Our son is doing much better and I am so grateful that his smile is back!  I am so grateful for my family and the great blessing and responsibility it is to be a mother.  I know that my relationship with my children will not end in this life, but that I can be with them forever as I strive to follow Christ’s example.  The temple is where those family ties can last forever.  

Since all my kids were asleep before we got home except for my oldest boy, we just watched this powerful testimony of Elder Eyring.  I hope you enjoy it as you get ready to enter the temple tomorrow for the Open House!  We’ll have one more post tomorrow to conclude our 12 to 1 Temple series.  We will be going to the temple on Thursday so we’ll report back then.  May the Lord fill your heart with His peace and love this day.

Here are four videos from a special news report about the Gilbert Temple.  I’d love to hear how your experience was at the Open House. Come back and post a review of the temple here.  Just click on Comment at the end of this post.