Give Thanks with Dog Safety

Don’t let your Thanksgiving feast become a holiday hazard for your dog. Control the situation with these guidelines:


*Never give a dog a cooked bone—especially poultry bones. These can splinter

and harm your pet’s throat or even cause internal injuries.


*Don’t serve your dog leftovers. What’s good to us may seem tasty to a dog, too.  But beware: Many foods are difficult for dogs to digest; some are toxic and can even be fatal. On the “Do Not Serve” list: fat, grapes, tomatoes, garlic, onions, raisins and salt.


*No dessert, please. Sugar and fat can lead to weight and dental problems, as well as diabetes. And chocolate can be lethal—especially to small dogs.


*Don’t decorate with items that may be hazardous to your dog. Be aware that small ornaments can cause choking. If you plan to burn candles, make sure your dog can’t knock them over.


November 2008 Newsletter