Happy Easter!

I wanted to share this great poem as a reminder that there is more to Easter than bunnies, eggs and chocolate. Thanks Mark for sharing your inspired poem with us!

by Mark Salyers

Jesus Christ, Son of God, man from Galilee;
He paid the price, he gave his life, he died for you and me.

Born to an earthly mother, a virgin pure and fair;
His earthly father, Joseph, had no more than a carpenter's share.

Jesus grew from grace to grace, the scriptures he all knew;
The whisperings of the Holy Ghost taught him what he should do.

Baptized, prepared, and looking to teach, he called his chosen twelve;
Fishers of men left nets and boats; the life they knew so well.

He blessed the sick, he raised the dead, and helped the blind to see;
Oh how his fame spread across the land, this man from Galilee.

The time arrived, the hour drew near, the trial of a mob was his;
He stood there quiet, head bowed down. They screamed, and yelled and jeered:

"Crucify the King of the Jews, let go the guilty thief;
Son of God, save yourself and then we might believe."

He carried his heavy cross to the mount, Simon helped him there;
They put him to the cross with nails, but from his lips a prayer:

"Forgive them Father, they know not what they do! My Soul I give to thee."
Then he sighed, and there he died, on the cross of Calvary.

Three days passed, the stone now removed - revealing an empty tomb;
The disciples sought him, but angels declared:"He is not here, he has risen."