Having a “Whale” of a Time Homeschooling

February 10, 2014

It has now been a little over a month since I started homeschooling my kids.  Let's just say that if you have ever been on a roller coaster at Magic Mountain, that's pretty much how it has been.  So many highs and lows that seem to be testing my persistence and inspiration to start this new journey with my kids.  Some positives are that after spending a couple months studying, gathering and getting my own inspiration on how to design the school area, it pulled together and helped us get organized.  We have a pretty small area for our schoolroom actually it is really just a corner.  I think we maximized the space pretty well.  I'll post some pictures of how it all turned out next week since it is still not completely finished.  

Last week, we read a couple books on whales and about baby shamu's birth that happened at Sea World in San Diego.  I remember being a child and visiting Sea World for the first time.  Pretty incredible.  I'd love to take my kids someday.  We watched a couple videos about shamu and my kids really enjoyed learning about whales.  It has been fun to see how their little minds are so curious.  They are like great big sponges.  We are soaking up some fun things to learn as we walk down a new road of gaining knowledge at home.  

Here's a great resource that I have been using while teaching the kids about whales.  Scroll to the bottom and download the "Whales" packet.  There are all kinds of other great resources for future lessons on this site as well.

Below is a fun video about Training a Killer Whale.  As well as a "How to Draw" video.   My kids loved drawing an orca.  I had fun drawing with them too and I thought I'd share this freebie with you that I came up with from that sketch.  Check it out at the bottom of this post.  I also have a freebie for you if you Subscribe to our website.  It is an Anatomy Worksheet.  I will also email a video lesson to go along with it.  If you'd like to pick up this Anatomy Worksheet freebie, just subscribe here.  Here's a preview of what you will get once you Subscribe.

Brightly Street Homeschool Science Orca Killer Whales Unit sample 001 (Sheet 1)

Here's your freebie for stopping by today.  Print this worksheet out for the kids to create their own story about a whale.  Need something else?  Stop by our Facebook page and pick up another freebie that coordinates with this Whale Unit, it is a Quiz based on the Worksheet we will send to our Subscribers. 

Click on image to download the pdf file.  Enjoy!

Brightly Street Homeschool Science Orca Killer Whales Unit sample 003 (Sheet 3)

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  1. Shanda

    I have a boy who loves Orcas and am excited about the pages you have to offer. I subscribed, confirmed my subscription and I cannot see how to download the Orca anatomy pages. It continues to take me to the subscribe page. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Melia

    Hi Shanda,
    I just sent an email with the link to download this worksheet. Enjoy!

  3. Kassandra Torres


    My Son has chosen to do his first power point presentation on killer whales! He has to do an activity with the class and he wanted to do a “parts of an orca” activity sheet and the one shown is PERFECT. Ive already subscribed, however I am having trouble downloading the anatomy sheet. It keeps bringing me to the subscribe page.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

    • jrioslazo

      Hi Kassandra.

      I just sent you an email with the link to the pdf file. I hope his presentation goes well! I’d love to see a picture!!

  4. Dana L Forbes

    I also subscribed but I can’t download the anatomy sheet. It keeps taking me to the subscribe page. Thank you!

    • Melia

      Just sent you an email with the worksheet.


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