Hepatitis A outbreak linked to Oregon berry farm

IMG_20130531_221408Freaking out about now.  We always buy these from Costco.  We are doing a detox diet right now but I can't do it without adding some fruits and other small foods since I am still nursing full time and the baby would get the toxins from my milk so I have to be careful.  I waited for the kids to go to bed because I feel bad since they are always hungry.  I made a smoothie with organic unprocessed apple juice, goat milk kefir, frozen strawberries and these organic berries that I got from Costco.  I sat down with my smoothie to check my email and my sister just forwarded me an email from this article.  I dumped the smoothie and started to pray.  Here I was worried about toxins and then we have been eating what I thought were healthy organic fruits.  I really do need to start my own garden and shop only with the local farmers.  Check out the article and get rid of yours if you have any.


According to this article and video the symptoms are almost the exact same as the "die-off" from this detox diet.  How the heck am I going to really know if it is from Hep A or just normal "die-off" from our detox?