Homeschool Room Design in Small Spaces

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Trying to create a homeschooling area in your home with little space?  Here’s one of the ways we used a corner of the family room to create our home school corner.  I purchased some of the pieces from Ikea like the Trofast bins which I love and have all over my home.  Ikea also sells a “handyman cart” full of mismatch wood pieces from furniture displays that they sell for cheap.  I used a lot of those pieces in putting together the L-shaped desk.  The first picture is of the Preschool corner that I made for my daughter.  The desk was made from an old wooden shoe shelf with matching wood desk attached to the top.  I put small containers from Walmart inside the shoe slots that hold different activities and supplies that she can use.  On her desk, she has a basket of essential supplies, plastic bins of puzzles and a light.

Homeschool Room Design

I picked up a lot of supplies at the DollarTree.  They have some great school supplies, posters, file folder games and tons more.  I also went to Deseret Industries and a local buy and sell bookstore called Bookmans in Mesa, Arizona.  I pick up a lot of workbooks and other education supplies from those stores.  I made a calendar that you can purchase in my Etsy shop that futures different animals.  You just need to purchase the kit, print, laminate and attach magnets to the backside.  I had a magnetic board given to me awhile ago that I used.  You could also just use poster board and velcro.

Homeschool Room DesignThis is great to use in preschool too during Circle Time!

Montly Animal Calendar Etsy Shop

The bins in the middle that I bought from Ikea are filled with the kids school work.  You have probably seen them floating around as workboxes.  The kids move through the different bins as they complete their school work for the day.

Homeschool Room Design

I made a supply station out of an old frame that I use to have hanging in my home studio.  I purchased a peg board from Home Depot.  I created this supply board to hold some of the supplies that the children share.  They also have a bin under their desk with their own personal supplies too.

Homeschool Room Design In the right corner where the tall Ikea shelf is located, I have a large bin for the different subjects like History, Geography and so on where I keep material supplies in file folders.  Above that I have 2 boxes that hold more books mostly that I use to help me teach.

Homeschool Room Design


Homeschool Room Design When you throw a toddler into the mix, it can get a little crazy.  I needed a place where he couldn’t get into all of the supplies and make a mess but still be close to everyone.  I came up with just one entrance into the school room that can be closed and used as part of the desk while keeping the little guy on the outside.  I used a piano hinge to make it work.

Homeschool Room Design That’s it!  Our little school at home.  I hope it inspires some of your own DIY home school design projects!  Pin the image below to refer back to this post while putting together your own space.  Happy Schooling!

Homeschool Room Design