Homeschool: The Creation Pinwheel and Matching Game

I was preparing a lesson for my primary sunbeam class for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints back in April and I came up with this fun pinwheel and matching game.  Thanks to Sarah from Educlips who is an amazing artist where I bought some of these great images.  I then put together this fun design to help my students and my own kids have fun while learning about how God created the earth.  Download the file below and then print all the pieces onto white card-stock.  Cut, laminate and use a brad to put the two pinwheel pieces together.  The matching game has numbers on one set and an image of what was created on the other.  Turn them over with the earth picture showing on top and then have the kids take turns flipping over two cards to see if they can match the day of the week with what was created on that same day!  

Click on the link to download the pdf file.

Brightly Street The Creation Unit sample 1


Brightly Street Pinwheel The Creation FREEBIE