How to Cut Hair

My daughter has been asking me for a few weeks now to cut her hair short.  I cut my boys hair this past week and again she asked if I could cut her hair.  I told her we needed to wait until I could take her to a hair salon to get a good cut since cutting my husband's hair and the boys is completely different than if I was to attempt a girl's short bob hair cut.  

  How to cut girl's hair

This morning before school, she asked again for me to cut her hair.  I think I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen.  I said, "okay, let's go cut it."  I took her into my bathroom and pulled out all the hair tools.  A few essential tools for cutting and styling hair for all ages are: a good hair dryer, a flat iron, comb and scissors.  There is a story behind that hair dryer.  The short version is that I got it for free when my friends and I went to a taping of a talk show in NYC a long time ago.  It is awesome!  The next item is a flat iron.  I could not live without my CHI. It has got to be the best flat iron on the market.  The one item that is not pictured is what does the magic for curly hair when being straighten and that is CHI "Silk Infusion."  One drop of silk infusion and it does wonders for the hair!

As I began to shampoo and cut my daughter's hair, my 9 year old son grabbed my ipad and took a few pictures and video of the process.  I thought I would throw together a short and funny video of my first "bob" hair cut.  I wouldn't try this at home, but it actually turned out super cute.  You can be the judge!  In the end, this is probably not the best way to cut your daughter's hair for the first time!  Enjoy! 

   How to cut hair Brightly Street