Book of Mormon Series Scripture Mastery 2 Nephi 2:27

Scripture Mastery BOM #3 Free to Choose 001 (Side 1)Every first day of the month the LDS Blog Train shares free ideas to help strengthen homes and families across the world.  In honor of the 4th of July coming up in just a few days, the theme for the blog train this month is "Religious Freedom."  I thought I would share a free scripture mastery that goes along with our Book of Mormon Series on "How to Memorize the Scriptures as a Family."  The freebie for today is actually the third scripture in our list of scripture mastery, but I thought it was fitting with this month's blog train theme.  If you missed the first mini-booklet just subscribe to our website.

Religious Freedom is so very vital to me.  I don't know what my life would be like right now if those rights were taken away.  Not only do I cherish my beliefs in a loving Father in Heaven and in His eternal plan for me, but I respect the rights of others to "choose" to worship how and where they please.  It is one of the crowning blessings that our great nation of the United States was founded on and I intent to do my part to promote Religious Freedom not only here in the USA, but across the world.  Here's a short video explaining about "Religious Freedom" and why it is so important for all of us to preserve today.

Now how can we teach this important right to our children?  Let's start with the words of the prophet as we memorize this great scripture of the freedom to choose found in the Book of Mormon.  I am sharing this freebie today with the LDS Blog Train, you do not need to subscribe just download the pdf file that is attached to the image below.  We'd love you to join our family on a journey to bring the scriptures to our minds and hearts.  My 5 year old daughter was the first to memorize 1 Nephi 3:7 in our family with her older siblings following closely behind.  It can be done!  More tricks and tips to helping you become success in your family scripture mastery will be posted soon so subscribe and follow us on Facebook to get the inside scoop and to download all the free worksheets that will be available in this series to our subscribers.  

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Scripture Mastery BOM #3 Free to Choose 002 (Side 2)Don't forget to subscribe to receive the second scripture mastery kit in our Book of Mormon Series.  We would love to hear how your family is doing and what games and tricks help your children and yourself remember the scriptures.  Post a comment below.  Happy Memorizing!

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