I Will Be Valiant

Lesson Idea #1: I drew a large shield on the chalkboard and had the children think of something that they can do to put on their shield to protect them. For example, praying, reading scriptures, temples, staying healthy, going to primary, etc.

We would sing and then have a child draw. If they didn’t want to draw, they could have their teacher draw.

Lesson Idea #2: I cut out a yellow shield that was about the size of my hand. We passed it around the room as we learned the song. When the pianist stopped playing whoever had the sheild would come to the front and pick a picture. We had different pictures of Book of Mormon stories. They picked a picture and told us what it was about and how that story showed how the person or people were valiant. This was a great lesson to introduce the song and get the children connecting with the scriptures.