Keeping Kinley Books of Dalthia by Annette K. Larsen

I was on pins and needles waiting for this book to be ready for my hungry eyes!  Yes, I am a huge fan of Annette Larsen.  I own and have read all of her books, most more than once.  She posted a teaser to the beginning of this book “Keeping Kinley” and she about killed me.  I was so impatient to get my hands on the entire novel.  I was able to get a sneak peek copy of the book today and it was just as impressive as all of her other novels.

This story has a few other familiar characters as a couple of her other novels which I always love to find.  It took me a bit to remember the connection but I was so happy to see who she brought back into this novel.  This is a story about Gavin’s little sister named Kinley who is a wood carver’s daughter and a friend that she met as a child serving in the home of a Lord.

Kinley becomes friends with the Lord of the estate’s son, Rylan.  They quickly become friends as only children can do when they come from such different social backgrounds.  Years later they meet again and sparks fly, but the tale twists and turns as they begin a journey of miscommunication, love, heartbreak and more.  Such a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle humor throughout the book between Rylan and Kinley as well as Kinley and her brothers.

The only downside to this book is that I couldn’t put it down which meant for a few hours I didn’t get anything done!  Haha I guess as an author that would be high praise!

Can’t wait to sink my teeth into anything else that might come to the imagination of Annette Larsen.  Now, I need to go re-read Gavin’s story again called “Just Ella.”  I think it would be a great read for my upcoming plane ride!

Make sure to pre-order the book today!  It will be available May 30th.  In the meantime, catch up on some of the other characters in her previous novels.  If you like the medieval time period of princes and princesses, lords and commoners, these books are for you!

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Here’s the excerpt about the book “Keeping Kinley” from the author.

“Rylan made me feel like things were possible. Like I was possible, and he was possible, and we could be possible together.”

Kinley is content tending her apple orchard, until a chance meeting with a childhood friend changes her priorities. Spending time with nobility is not socially acceptable, but Rylan rejects the norm. He pursues her with an easygoing charm, though she doesn’t dare hope that their relationship will be a reality.

When Kinley’s livelihood is threatened, any thoughts of a relationship are set aside as she’s thrust into Rylan’s world, where commoners and nobility don’t mix. The Rylan she encounters there is not the quirky and carefree friend she thought she knew.

Can she trust what her heart has told her and believe in him, or will she be forced to accept that her dreams are only that—dreams?

Rating – 5 Stars = clean, romance, medieval, fairy tale