LDS Blog Train “I Know the Scriptures are True”

This month's blog train was inspired by the LDS Primary's theme for 2016 "I know the scriptures are true."  As I was pondering the theme, I thought about what it means to know something.  According to the Webster dictionary online it says that to "know" means:

to have (information of some kind) in your mind

to understand (something) : to have a clear and complete idea of (something)

to have learned (something, as a skill or a language)

In order to know if the scriptures are true, you first need to start by opening up the scriptures and read them.  As you begin to ponder about what you read, you must ask God, in prayer, if the things that you have read about are true or not.  It is through the Holy Ghost that God answers our prayers and helps us to "know" that the scriptures are true.  We call that a "testimony."  

I wanted to create some printables for the Primary leaders that would reflect this idea of having a testimony or knowing that something is true such as the scriptures which will be next years focus.  Once a month, on the first Sunday of the month, there is a Fast and Testimony meeting at church.  During our Sacrament meeting, the members of the congregation can stand up and share their testimony with the rest of the members of the church.  The idea of bearing one's testimony became the central focus of my design.  You can purchase the entire kit in my Etsy shop.  

Primary Theme 2016 I Know the Scriptures Are True

Now for your blog train freebie which comes from the above kit.  It is a Journal Page Worksheet using the theme "I know the scriptures are true" and adding "because…"  Print this great page out and share it in your church lesson or in your family home evening.  This would be a great keepsake!

I know the scriptures are true worksheet LDS Blog Train

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