General Conference Who’s Who Game

We are excited to start another blog train full of fun ideas to help "strengthen home and family."  With so many great LDS bloggers throughout the world, we thought this would be a great opportunity to pull together our resources and bring you some great freebies based on a common theme.  Since General Conference will begin this weekend, our theme today is "General Conference."  Don't forget to stop by all the other websites on this train to grab some great ideas to help your family enjoy Conference this weekend.  

Here's my contribution.  Simply print out the cards front and back on card stock.  The "Who's Who?" podium should be the cover for each of the sheets.  Cut and laminate to make them last longer.  You can then mix them up put keep two stacks one for all the pictures and the other for words with podium side facing up.  You will spread out the two separate groups and take turns picking one card from each group and seeing if they match.  This would be a great one for teens and adults to help with the children as the whole family learns more about our awesome leaders.  If you come up with any other ways to play games with these cards, please post ideas here under this post.  

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UPDATED!! Click on image to download pdf file.  Enjoy!

General Conference Who_s Who Card Game

 Heavenly Father will send you blessings from heaven and many of those blessings will come as you listen to Conference.  Put your umbrella away and join us!