Countdown to Conference: Quentin L. Cook

Day 3: Elder Quentin L. Cook:  Here’s the link to learn about Elder Quentin L. Cook as well as his official biography.  I created a crossword puzzle to be used while studying the life of Elder Cook.  As you read through his life with your family using the above links, stop when you find the answer to one of the crossword puzzle clues.  Help the kids fill-in the blanks and find out how quickly they can retain the information.  I also included a worksheet, a tracing quote (it is a short quote today so you can have them rewrite it on their own if you wish) and a fun tag for a service idea I came up with to go along with the first video.

Click the image below to download the pdf file.

Brightly Street Elder Quentin L. Cook preview2

General Conference Elder Cook

Here’s the simple service idea I came up with.  At the end of Elder Cook’s talk he spoke about what President Monson wanted for his birthday.  He said that he wanted us to serve others that are having a hard time.  I thought it would be fun to have my kids participate in more service to each other and their neighbors.  Each child has a color that is just for them.  Each day when they do an act of service for each other or someone outside of the home, they get to stick a popsicle stick into the little paper jar that we made.  At the end of the day, while we eat dinner we will look at the sticks and find out what everyone did.  I hope it helps them to remember to give Christ-like love.  I wanted to use whatever I had on hand so that it would be simple for others to make as well.  I just used a toilet paper roll and wrapped a piece of construction paper around it.  Super easy and it gets the job done.  It is sitting in the center of our table ready to be filled!   I included the “Sticks of Service” tag above in Elder Cook’s packet.  We’ll update you on how it is going.  We’d love to see if it worked for your family too.