LDS Primary 2017 “Choose the Right”

Next year the theme for the Primary will be "Choose the Right."  I LOVE this theme and remember helping to put together a bulletin board and other fun ideas when I was in the Primary Presidency years ago.  We cut out a huge gumball machine and had the children write down what things they did that helped them choose the right.  I thought I'd create one for you to use as well.  You can purchase the Bubblegum Machine from my Etsy Shop and then scroll down for a free handout that goes along with the bubblegum machine.

Primary Choose the Right BUBBLEGUM machine

Also, to help inspire the primary children next year, I designed these fun "knight kids" with their CTR shields as they help lead us to the temple by "choosing" the right.  There are tons of coordinating pieces to help you get set up for next year.  If you are looking for any other printables, we have tons of materials on our Etsy Shop or if you don't find what you need just send me an email at with your wish list!

Primary 2017 Choose the Right Binder Covers

Here is your free gift for stopping by!  Just print, cut and attach a stick of gum!  This would be a fun treat to give to the primary children at the start of the New Year as you introduce the new theme.  Check back for more free printables and ideas to help you get started with next year's fantastic theme!

Primary 2017 Choose the Right Stick of Gum handout

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