LDS Blog Train – A Month for Mothers

April 30, 2015

We are shaking things up at the LDS Blog Train.  To find out more details, visit today!  To kick off these changes, I would love to share with you some freebies to honor our mothers.  Don't forget to stop by "A Creative Life" for another great freebie.

Instead of celebrating Mothers only on Mother's Day, let's take the whole month of May and focus on the amazing, talented and loving Mothers there are throughout the world.  Here's a free printable for you to print, laminate, modge podge onto a piece of wood and gift to your mother!  

Mother_s Day Printable Quote freebie

You can also use this same quote to make another gift for mom which would be awesome to gift to your mother, sisters, aunts and grandmothers.  This DIY project was inspired by my love of family history.  If you haven't been to Puzzilla, check it out today!  You can sign up for a free account on FamilySearch and then login to Puzzilla.  It will produce for you a chart that looks very much like a flower.  I clicked on all of my mother's Great Great Grandmothers' names and printed each of their "flowers"  The total "flower bed" that I made represents 8 Great Great Grandmothers and their thousands of descendants.  Each flower has a coordinating great…grandmother's name written on the leaves.  Inside the blossom of the flower are all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of that one grandmother represented by dots.  My mother would be included in the outer most circle of dots.  I love how it turned out with a feeling of all the cousins on the maternal side of the family, celebrating all the mothers throughout my family tree.  If you don't want to hop onto FamilySearch and Puzzilla, just print off some pictures of your great… grandmothers and put their faces on the flowers.  I also added the same quote from above to the base of the "flower bed."

Here is a sample image of how I made it as well as the free digital drawings that I created for you!  Click on the image to download the flowers and leaves.  

Mother_s Day Flower Gift idea sample


Don't forget to pick up this "Sweet" treat for Mom idea at "A Creative Life."  Pin this image below so you can quickly find it again!

Brightly Street Mother_s Day Printables and gift ideas

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