My Monday Morning Madness Minutes – Week 12

A Typical Afternoon -  Picking up my kids from school.  Asking my son to start his homework about a dozen times.  Finding little hands in the pantry.  Starting to think about dinner.  So, I open the frig and stare at what's inside hoping that something would just pop out at me and say "eat me!"  Okay, well, can I just say that cooking dinner doesn't make my Top 10 things that I enjoy during my everyday life.  I don't think it actually makes any list. I don't know how many times I go to start making something that I think might work at the moment and not finding all the ingredients.  One day I had to change the recipe 5 times until I found a recipe that had ingredients that I had in my pantry.  Hence, the need for a little planning and organizing.  So, I thought I'd use that for my week 12 organization project, tackle dinner time. 

I am not sure about you, but just around the time I need to prepare dinner the kids are going nuts which then drives me nuts.  Maybe if I can just plan ahead my evening time might go smoother.  I don't mind throwing together something in the crock pot in the morning when I have energy and just let the dinner cook all day.  In fact, one day it was "that time" again and I just didn't know what I would make when I started to smell something good.  I had forgotten that I had started dinner that morning.  Wow!  What a nice surprise!  I guess you can say us moms have a little bit on our plates if we forgot what we did just a few hours ago.

So, here is the task.  I would like to have my whole month planned out for meals.  Each day of the month have something different.  I thought instead of giving you all my ideas this time, I'd ask for your help.  Just one more thing for you to do in your busy day.  Here goes…

I need you to post on this site your favorite recipe.  Here is what I am looking for: something simple, not a ton of ingredients, kid friendly, not too time consuming… well I think you get the point. 

As a thank you for all of your fantastic recipes, I will put together a fun cookbook with all the recipes that are submitted.  You will be able to print it out right from this site.

Oh… one more thing of course we must giveaway something!  Who doesn't like to get something free and since we are talking about food (don't get me wrong, I love to EAT just not to COOK, I know I should read the story "The Little Red Hen.") here are the prizes…

Best Recipe Winner will receive – Tastefully Simple Nana's Apple Cake Mix, Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix and Corn, Black Bean Salsa

  Tastefully simple giveaway 1

Most Liked Recipe on Facebook will receive -Tastefully Simple Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix and Seasoned Salt

  Tastefully simple giveaway 2
Here's what you need to do: 

FIRST: Post your Complete Recipe here.  Keep in mind that I will be including your recipe into my book to post again as explained above.  I will, of course, credit you or your Great Aunt Sue. Ü

SECOND: **MOST IMPORTANT** Post on Priceless Moments Fan Page Wall the title of your recipe with a brief description, picture or whatever else that will entice fans to vote for you!  Then Share the comment on your Wall and let your friends know to Vote for you by commenting or "Like" your post.

BONUS: EARN 1 EXTRA VOTE when you Become a "Follower" of this blog.

NOTE: (1) The winner of Best Recipe will be chosen by ME.  I plan to cook each meal for dinner during the month of February and I will pick my favorite based not only on what it taste-like but also what I (mentioned above). (2) Most Liked Recipe will be chosen by you and your facebook friends, whoever gets the most likes WINS!! (3) You must be a Fan of Priceless Moments Facebook Page in order to qualify to enter contest. (4) Post your Recipe between Now and next Monday the 31st of January 2011 and Vote until February 7th at 10pm EST.

P.S. Just a fun reminder of why it is we do what we do… Images of my munchkins at about the same age enjoying their dinner.  Can you tell who is who?