My Monday Morning Madness Minutes – Week 3

Well, this week I blew it considering it is Tuesday and not even Monday when I am posting this blog.  (I guess it must still be Monday in some part of the world so maybe we can count that.)  This past week I have been busy working on my new display at the mall.  (details coming soon)  I did want to share a short minute about what I worked on…

In the kitchen…  My cupboard with all my spices is a mess and I have to hunt through them all to find anything and so sometimes I end up buying the same spices that I already have since I can't find them.  I was asking my friend what she thought and she said I should alphabetize them. (she was joking)  Well, I thought that was a good idea.  It only took me a minute.  I took the pot lids from the drawer next to my cook-top and put the spices inside.  Now, when I am cooking I can open the drawer, put the spices in the pan, and put it away without even moving my feet!!  Boy, was I excited when I did that.  My husband looked at me a little weird when I pointed that phenomenon out to him. 

I had some spices that I do not use a lot and were odd sizes as well as cooking spray, etc that I put under the cook-top that just holds the stuff (not sure what the word is) that makes it all work.  I had an Ikea pull out shelf that I was about to get rid of that I had for about 5 years still brand new.  I installed it into the drawer and now my cooking spray is right next to me too.  I know, I get a little excited about the small things in life but we must enjoy the little things too.

Here is a before and after.  Stay tuned for what cool invention I did in the original cupboard that held my spices next week…  (Hope this all makes sense, I haven't slept since Sunday night.  Yikes!)

M5 Week 3