My Monday Morning Madness Minutes – Week 5

I forgot to take a picture of my laundry room before I started to work on it, but let me just say that it was a scary place.  It was always the "throw anything into" room.  Well, I finally tackled it.  I followed some of the advice on Get Organized Mom website that I have shared before.  I built a table into the room with a shelf underneath to put all the laundry baskets that I found for just $1 at Walmart.  I then put all my cleaning solutions in tupperware bins that I had in other places.  I also got a small clear tupperware for single socks.  If you are anything like me, the socks are always missing their match.  So every time I finish a load of laundry and their is a sock missing it's match, I throw it into this box.  As I continue to do laundry through the weeks, I go back to the box and can easily find it's match.  It cuts down on the clutter. 

It is so nice to finally have a space to organize, wash, fold, hang and then put the clothes away.  I do not know how many times we have slept in another room because our clean clothes were all over our bed and we didn't have the energy to put the clothes away that day, or the next, or… well you get the point.  Now, the laundry doesn't tackle me, I can tackle it!! 

I know, I get real joy out of simple things, but isn't that what life is about?  Here are some images of the finished room with my two helpers.  If you look close enough you might be able to spot what I will be working on this week by checking out what my son is holding.  (don't worry it's clean and brand new)

M5 - Week 5

Tip: If you do not have space for a table, fold on top of the dryer or ironing board and then keep that space clean so the clutter doesn't return.  Good luck and happy laundering!!

A Load a Day?  Two Days a Week of Laundry?  How do you keep on top of your Laundry?  Leave a comment and share your ideas.  I am still trying to figure out a good system so I'd love to hear your thoughts.