My Monday Morning Madness Minutes – Week 8

How hard is it to keep a playroom clean?  Near impossible?  Well, that's what I use to think.  I am still digging to see if I can find the before pictures of the mess, but I can imagine that you might of seen a destroyed playroom before. Ü  I had shelves on the floor that I thought were pretty cool so the kids could reach everything and have a place to put it after.  Well, that didn't go over too well.  They would just pull the drawers open and dumb everything out and then sit on top and read a book.  (Hyrum was famous for that)  My friend suggested that I put up a high shelf so the kids couldn't reach the toys.  I jumped on that idea the very same day and came up with what you see here.  This was a cheap and quick install.  I went through my house to look for some tupperware that I could use so that I wouldn't have to buy any.  I was excited to purge out stuff and was able to find all the tupperware that you see in the picture from my home.  I labeled them and the shelf is pretty high that I even (at 5'10") have to reach to get them down.  Perfect!!  Now they can play with one or two boxes and then clean up the mess and exchange it for another one.  It also leaves room on the floor for more space to play.  Even if you do not have an entire room for the toys you can still use the same concept to keep the toys in control, or at least make a pretty good attempt at it.  With Christmas next week, it is a good time to organize, purge and deglutter this room, space or corner. 

Did you notice the beautiful mural on the walls and ceiling?  I wish I could take credit for that talent, but I can't.  My stick figures from grad school are really not that much better today.  My fabulous muralist who paints all of my backdrops for the studio, painted this room.  She is fantastic!  Her name is Carrie Kingsbury owner of Promiseland Murals.  It only took her 6 hours to do the whole room and she free-handed the whole thing!  Wow, I wish I had her talent, she is AMAZING.  Check her website out here.