Countdown to Conference: Neil L. Andersen

General Conference Elder AndersenToday we will start with the most junior member of the Quorum of the Twelve, Neil L. Andersen.  He is a man of great faith and devotion to the Lord.  I taught my kids about Elder Andersen using this website from  There are some fun pictures and stories about him.  As we read about the apostle, my kids filled in the worksheet.  I learned so much about him from this simple lesson.  Afterwards, we watched the two videos below.  We also did a fun activity as we made Prayer Pillows since Elder Andersen spoke about the importance of prayer.  Here’s what we did…  I just grabbed whatever I had on-hand.  I had some fabric that I bought years ago that I never used.  We cut around the edges and then the kids and I tied the ends together.  We stuffed them with clothes that we didn’t need anymore for stuffing and it worked out great.  I told my kids that at night when they say their prayers they can kneel on their pillows with the tool side up.  I talked about how we need our Heavenly Father to “fix” our hearts and that part of praying was to ask for forgiveness from the wrong choices we made during the day.  Then I told them after they pray to flip their pillow over and they are ready for bed.  I hope that made sense.  Whatever you do, even if you just watch one of these videos, I know you will feel the power of the Spirit.  It was very strong as I taught my children about one of His living Apostles.  How blessed we are to get to know them a little bit better. 

I also thought it would be fun to go play some kind of rugby outside too!  Maybe we will have to try that later on today.  Below is a worksheet that can be used to fill out as you teach them about Elder Andersen’s life. There is a quote by Elder Andersen that your kid’s can trace both in print and cursive.  I also included a simple coloring page that I made.  I hope it helps.  Enjoy!

Click on image below to download pdf files.

General Conference Elder Andersen



This is a great time to share with your family Elder Andersen’s testimony of the Savior found here.

Don’t forget to stop on by tomorrow to learn more about our next Apostle.