Our Gift to the Savior #LIGHTtheWORLD

Have you seen the Light the World video?  If not, watch and share it today, then grab this free printable activity to use with your family while you serve and create a “Gift for the Savior” at the same time!
Colette from My Computer is My Canvas has created a fun family activity AND in the process, also use it to create a meaningful gift to give the Savior!  This would be a great addition to our Christmas Advent Calendar.  Maybe put your jar next to your calendar and as you work on your advent and service activity, add a paper to your jar!
Once you’ve downloaded your printables, you’ll need to prepare your supplies. Print several pages of “Service & Kindness Strips” and trim. Find a small jar or votive to keep them in – along with a few pencils or pens. Next, print the Service Idea Cards (which include 100 ways to serve), the Matthew Scripture and the round gift tag for your jar. For best results, she recommends using your printer’s best quality print setting and using either photo paper, glossy card stock or brochure paper… it will help light up your pages!
Frame the scripture (4×6, 5×7 or 8×10) and display it all month long near your jar.  I love how this scriptures ties LIGHT to good works, it’s a perfect theme for your month of service!  Letting our light shine as we perform good works to glorify our Father… what a GREAT gift to give the Savior!
 Show your family how to wrap each strip around a pencil to curl it after a service or act of kindness is written down. Then, throughout the month, add as many curled strips to the jar as you can! Choose a common, high traffic place to keep your jar and, if possible, display with Christmas lights or battery powered candles to incorporate actual light into your display! Maybe it will be your kitchen table centerpiece where everyone can write on strips at dinner, or on a table in the family room where everyone can access and see it as it fills.
 While many of the card suggestions are things that can be done individually (and individual service and kindness should be encouraged daily), talk as a family and pick a few bigger things you can do together. It’s a busy month, so make a plan and mark your calendar. Then, as you serve, take a family picture and share on social media using #LIGHTtheWORLD!
On Christmas Eve, maybe as part of your Nativity Lesson, talk about the service performed by family members throughout the month. What was their favorite act of kindness, what was most memorable, who did they feel they helped the most, etc. Then, tie a bow around your jar and move it under the tree; reinforcing that this is the family’s Christmas gift to the Savior.
Here’s a fun little secret… 
Do you want to know what the REAL gift to the Savior will be?
Carrying a habit of good will and kindness into the New Year!
Thanks, Colette for this fun idea!!
You can follow her on FB, Pinterest or IG for more ideas and printables!  Also, don’t forget to stop by The Red Headed Hostess and Mormon.org or other great Christ centered Christmas ideas.