Photoshop Training Classes

Basic Photoshop Training Class

Photoshop is the industry standard for working with digital images. Learn about the most useful palettes and tools such as changing resolution and image size. The fundamentals of photo correction, adjustment and editing will be covered, including layers & selection.  Come for a fun and informative class.  

Advanced Digital Portrait Retouching Class

Work with Layers in photoshop to enhance image such as the eyes, teeth and skin while maintaining the original image.  Learn to swap heads and make it look seamless.  The possibilities are endless.  

Space is limited so book your seat today by text or email.  (480) 440-4838 or Each workshop will be held for about 3 hours.  The cost is just $75 per class.  Classes will be held on Saturday during the month of November.  Contact us for location, date and times.  

Mothers add

Here's an example of what you can do with Photoshop.  Family Portraits are always difficult to get all the kids to smile and look at the camera.  With the power of digital photography, photoshop and some skill you too can create breathtaking portraits.  Hover over the image to see the image retouched.