Planing Your Shopping Strategy

According to the National Retail Association, more than 130 million shoppers will be out for the bargains the day after Thanksgiving. They will spend about 10% of their allotted Christmas money. Here are some tips on how to get the most:


*Get up early, as in very early. If you want the best deals, you have to be there before the store opens.


*Have plenty of gas in the car so you won’t have to spend time filling up.


*Have your significant other help you find items and carry them to the car.


*Dress in layers. Be ready for the cold outdoors and the warm stores.


*Keep your energy high with snacks from your purse or your car. If you’re thirsty, buy a bottle of water.

*Be flexible. If the item you want is sold out, see if another brand will be sold for the same price.


November 2008 Newsletter